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Скачать novyj 2012 spaces ru js: нюша ангел без слов рингтон

Novyj 2012 spaces ru js

Jul 8, 2014 test.js (function() { "use strict"; / x / return function() { }; })();. Command line: eslint test.js. Result: test.js 5:1 error Mixed spaces and tabs. Named functions also require a space between the function keyword and the function name, but anonymous functions require no whitespace. For example. Some style guides require or disallow spaces before or after unary operators. This is mainly a stylistic issue, however, some JavaScript expressions

If it is "always" then blocks must always have at least one preceding space. If " never" then all blocks should never have any preceding space. If different spacing. The --fix option on the command line can automatically fix some of the problems reported by this rule. Multiple spaces in a row that are not used for indentation.

Novyj 2012 spaces ru js
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